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About Narquelics

Hi, and welcome to my about me page! My name is Rob, a medieval re-enactor from the beautiful city of Eindhoven.


About ten years ago, I was introduced to the art of crafting chainmail during my time in a re-enactment group and was immediately taken to the beauty and history of it.  There were a few people in the group who fixed their own armor regularly and they gladly showed me all the techniques. I enjoyed this work so much that I started making my own first hauberk. After some time, I made more hauberks on behalf of third parties, and occasionally several creative side projects for friends and family. This eventually led to the realization of my very own web shop, of which I am very proud of.


My biggest goal for this year is to get my art pieces out to you at fairs and markets, so you can admire them in person.


In my web shop you will find all sorts of chainmail jewelry, but I also take commissions.

Like in battle, I never refuse a challenge!




Phone: +31 6 207 927 84

KvK: 87647990

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